Nov 212011

Six skaters from the club competed in the Ontario Cup meet #2 in Newmarket this past weekend:

  • Sarah Ouimette:  5th in Open Women
  • Anelie Norton:  12th in Open Women
  • Alphonse Ouimette: 1st in Junior Male
  • Nicholas Everett:  9th in Juvenile Male
  • Conner Taugher:  18th in Juvenile Male
  • Aidan VanBeek:  1st in Premidget Male

Here is the protocol as an excel file and as a pdf file.

Personal Bests were achieved by all six skaters in at least one distance. Congratulations!

The Personal Bests page has been updated.


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Nov 162011

Thirty six skaters from the club competed at the meet in Kingston this past weekend, fantastic turnout!

There are three protocols to post for this meet:

  1. Kingston Bronze Meet Protocol_333m
  2. Kingston Bronze Meet Protocol_500m_Masters
  3. Kingston Bronze Meet Protocol_500m_Open


Wow!  25 skaters came out of the meet with new PBs

In the 333 m:

Annella, Cameron M, Emma, Emma Grace, Kayle, Landyn, Maggie, Malcolm, and Paige.

In the 500 m:

Alan, Cameron L, Cloe, Corinne, Ethan, Heidi, Kyle T, Kyle V, Lucas, Nick, Nolan, Pam, Terry, Tristan, and Trudy.

A special mention to Kayle Urslak, Landyn Urslak, Cameron MacKay, Emma Crouse for going under 60 seconds in the 333 m.

We also have a new member of the 60 Second Club:  Kyle Taugher who skated a 58.53 second 500 meter.  Congratulations Kyle!

The 60 Second club has been updated on the PBs page.

The new personal bests are also posted on the PBs page.

Here are a couple of additional pictures from the day:

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Nov 092011

There is an upcoming meet for Masters skaters in Belleville.  See the note below from Paul Pickard of the Quinte Blades.

I hope you, and all your masters skating friends, can come out for this evening of fun racing on Nov 26/11.

Entries due Nov 16. Please spread the word.

Quinte Blades can provide helmet covers to those who may not have one.

Hope to see you there!

Paul Pickard

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Nov 072011

The Kingston Club is looking for volunteer track stewards for their upcoming meet.  Adults or senior skaters are welcome.

Anyone interested should contact Steve Beatty at steven.beattie([at])

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Nov 012011

This past weekend five of our skaters competed at the first Ontario Cup meet in Kitchener.

Aidan VanBeek Pre-Midget Male 1st
Andrew Chartrand Midget Male 17th
Nick Everett Juvenile Male 12th
Sarah Ouimette Open A Female 7th
Anelie Norton Open A Female 8th

Three new personal bests were achieved – the page has been updated.  Congratulations to all!

Here is the protocol as an excel file and as a pdf file.

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