Dec 262015

Sunday, January 3rd CUTTING EDGE TESTING 6:30-7:00 pm Coaches will assess/practice pin skills for 30 min, then back to normal practice. Youth 2 are invited to skate with Youth 1, from 6:30 – 7:35 so we can see everyone’s cutting edge. Additional evaluations occur throughout the season.
Dryland for Comp starts Jan 3rd at 7:05 pm, before on-ice training on Sunday nights.

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Dec 222015


Tuesday, December 21st CHRISTMAS FUN NIGHT — 6:30 – 8:00 pm is a fun night for the Youth 1, Youth 2, & Comp Groups.

Learn to skate will run as per normal for 1/2 hour (6:00 – 6:30);  Youth 1 starts at 6:00 as per normal and then they can plan to stay as late as parents will allow!  Youth 2, Comp will get on at 6:30 and the games begin for everyone.  Masters  with a playful heart welcome too.  Christmas Treats welcome – we’ll have some breaks for snacks.

Sunday, January 3rd CUTTING EDGE TESTING 6:30-7:00 pm   Coaches will assess/practice pin skills for 30 min, then back to normal practice. Youth 2 are invited to skate with Youth 1, from 6:30 – 7:35 so we can see everyone’s cutting edge. Additional evaluations occur throughout the season.

Dryland for Comp starts Jan 3rd at 7:05 pm, before on-ice training on Sunday nights.

The rest of the holiday practices are normal programming.

Dec 082015

We will continue to offer both Tuesday and Sunday Learn to Skate programs in January.

If your child is already enrolled in Session 1, you can reserve your spot in Session 2 by signing up at the rink before Session 1 ends (Sunday December 20th or Tuesday December 22nd).

After the end of Session 1, we will open up enrollment for Session 2 to new skaters.  Enrollment is limited to 22 skaters on each night.  If your child did not skate in Session 1, and you would like to sign them up, please email AFTER December 22nd to sign-up or get on the waiting list if the nights are

Our Session 2 dates are:

Tuesday Nights 6:00 – 6:30 pm, January 5th to March 8th


Sunday Nights 6:30 – 7:00 pm, January 10th to March 13th

The cost for Session 2 is $100.

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Dec 022015

Congratulations to Andrew Chartrand who broke the 50 Second mark for his 500 m in Clarington this past weekend.  Great work Andrew, and thanks for the Cake!

The latest version of the Personal Bests page included Andrew in the Wall of Fame, and also includes all the latest PBs from Clarington and Kingston.

The protocol from Clarington, which also included PBs from Nolan and Cameron, is here.

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Nov 272015

Last one before Christmas!!!

This meet is open to all our skaters, young and old, who want to spend a day racing and cheering on friends!

Registration deadline is Dec 2, so bring your form and money to Lynn at the rink by practice on Dec. 2nd.

The announcement for the meet is here – Announcement

The waivers are here – Waiver < 18

Bring a checque and the waiver to the rink.

You will also need to register online directly.  The link in in the Announcement, or you can go directly there via this link.   Click “no” for “Are you a returning player”.

Please note: the meets are always looking for volunteers. Training can take place on the job, you will get to see your child race, and you get free food all day!   It’s a great training ground for our own meet, which is the next one on the calendar. Please see one of the executive if you can volunteer.

Nov 272015

We had 19 skaters participate in the Kingston Regional Series #3 meet in November. So many personal bests that we haven’t updated the PB tab yet!

Two special PBs came from milestone achievers: Arie Devos and Charlotte Morrison both smashed the 1 minute milestone for the 400m. Cupcakes made their way to the rink, and were gobbled up in celebration!

Congratulations go to all skaters, as we have a great bunch of skaters who like to race and have fun. Our medal and ribbon winners are:

Andrew Chartrand 4th , and Emma Grace Wheeler 6th (Alpha)

Nolan Roney 8th (Charlie)

Cameron MacKay 1st  and Julia Wheeler 3rd (Delta)

Andy Giroux 8th (Echo)

Ayrton Meier 3rd, Charlotte Morrison 6th, and Arie Devos 7th (Foxtrot)

Grant Roney 3rd , Docharty Rocque 4th (Golf)

Kaleb MacKay 4th, Luke Whitton 8th (Hotel)

The times and overall placement can be found here – Protocol

Nov 042015

Four St. Lawrence Rapids competed in the 1st Provincial Series Meet this past weekend hosted by the Cambridge Speed Skating Club.

Protocol can be found here.

PB’s have been updated here.

Congratulations to Gold Medalist Emma Grace Wheeler  – Emma Grace dominated the Open Women Group 2, winning all but one heat, semi, and final over the 2 day event. She’s ready for the Open Women Group 1 at the next meet!

Nolan Roney won gold in the Boys 11-13 Group 2 Relay – their team’s strength was consistent relay exchanges. He finished 9th in the 11-13 yr boys division.

Cameron MacKay achieved a speed skating milestone by completing the 500m distance in under 60 seconds – by smashing it by a full second! He finished 17th in the 11-13 boys division.

Andrew Chartrand competed in the Open Men Group 2, finishing in 13th place, with lots of hard racing and some excellent passing!

Nolan, Emma Grace and Cameron also managed to sneak in some trick or treating time!


Oct 292015

Long track is a great way to complement short track speed skating.  It is raced on a 400m track, and helps to build endurance and strength.  Racing can be either Mass Start (multiple skaters) or Olympic Style (2 skaters on the track).

Who can skate long track?
Long track opportunities are for all ages – if you are interested, talk to your coach, or contact Priscilla Everett at for further information about any of these opportunities. More posts to come on equipment, rides, registration dates etc!
The season usually lasts from November through to March.  Brewer Park in Ottawa is home to the Oval, where one can train Monday – Thursday from around 7pm.  As a skater registered with our club, you can interclub with either The Gloucester Concords (for an admin fee of $25) or The Ottawa Pacers.  This allows coaching opportunities at practices and meets.
The Lake Placid Speed Skating Oval is generally available for training from Thursday-Monday at 4pm – 6pm, and Saturday-Sunday from 10am – 12pm.
There are two camps one can attend:
1. FPVQ in Quebec City = November 13-14-15, 2015.  (Registration deadline coming up – Nov 4th!)
2. Pacers Camp at Brewer Park Oval = January 2-3, 2016 (weather permitting). *SLSSC recommended!
The Provincial Long Track Championships will be held at Brewer Park Oval, on January 16-17, 2016. SLSSC recommended!
The Canadian Age Class Long Track Championships will be held in Quebec City, on Feb 6-7, 2016. * For those that qualify!
 The race schedule at Lake Placid for 2015/6 is as follows:
December 4-5-6 = Lake Placid Golden Skates Marathon
December 18-19 = Charles Jewtraw Allround Championship (the best start for all ages, distances typically raced are 500m, 1500m, 3000m and 5000m).
January 22-23 = Jack Shea Sprint Championship (500m and 1000m)
February 26-27 = Irving Jaffee Single Distance Championships (usually all distances are raced, including 10km.  A great family weekend in Lake Placid with many winter activities around the town and on the lake).
March 4-5-6 = Marathon Finale
Let’s go outside!!