Oct 182016



Some of our skaters took advantage of the “open” nature of the pre-season meets and went to the Kitchener Pre-Season Open Meet.

Andrew – finished 5th in his division.

Nolan Roney – finished 4th in his division.

Cameron MacKay – 15th in his division.

All three racers had personal bests (PB’s) over the 2 day meet – Great Job!

Oct 182016

The Ottawa Meet is a pre-season meet, 2 days long, for racers of all ages. The provincial and regional skaters are mixed together, and can be a fun start to the season. Registration is ONLINE, meaning you have to register with the online system yourself, as the club is not submitting registration forms. Payment, however, is by club.

Not sure about racing? There will be many more competitions, and some fun 1 day ones, that the coaches might suggest to try later on if this is your first meet.  Come out an watch if you can!

For all the seasoned racers, this is a great meet to get our feet wet!


The registration link is here!



Oct 182016

Gavin of ZT sports has a webpage where you can see pricing and pictures of speed skating gear!

Please feel free to place an order with Gavin via phone/email/ web page. He can ship for a fee, which he will quote you, or you can ask when Jen is heading to Ottawa again, and I would be happy to pickup your shipment.  This way, you  arrange payment directly with Gavin.

This may make selecting your gear more fun, and not depend so heavily on Jen’s memory!