Dec 232017

In Ontario, the long track season is getting shorter, but we can still make the most of it!    Here’s what is going on!

Registration by Jan 3, race Jan 13/14. The one and only meet in Ontario (Ottawa), is also a Provincials Championships.  All ages, younger skaters only skate AM.


Skaters (girls age 11, boys age 12) can qualify for the Canadian Age Class Championships, Quebec City, based on these results.  See links Below.


Lake Placid Competition – Some Rapids are intending to represent at the 2018 Irving Jaffee Singe Distance Championships Jan 27/28


For younger skaters, you race in your short track skates.

For older skaters,  you could consider a pair of long track skates. ZT sports rents out Clap Blades (which we can attach to your short track boots) or the Clap blade plus long track boot.  Contact ZT for availability and support. Skaters age 11 and up should be able to transition to the clap well.

Stay Warm! Skate covers are the only other recommended piece of equipment, as the skates are cold. These can be made from neoprene socks, and cutting a slit along the bottom for the blade to stick out. These can be picked up at MEC for about  $15.   ZT sports also sells speed skating specific skate covers.

Dec 232017

The entire community was invited to come out and skate with us on Dec. 10, from 6:30 – 9:00.  We thoroughly enjoyed sharing the ice with everyone, as well as providing speed skates for those adventurous enough to try! Keep on Skating Canada!


Hot chocolate, snacks, and Canada 150 gifts rounded out the day!

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Dec 232017

*Please note there are NO regular speed skating practices on Sunday 24th, Tuesday 26th, Sunday 31st.

*There IS ice on Wednesday, December 27th 4:30-6:30 pm.

*The regular speed skating practice schedule resumes on Tuesday, January 2nd.

*The Winter session of Learn-to-Skate begins on Wednesday, January 3rd, 5:45-6:15 pm. January-March $115. Registration inquiries can be emailed to