Provincial ‘B’ Championships

The Gloucester Concordes will be hosting the 2014-15 Provincial ‘B’ Championships on March 28th and 29th, in Orleans. All skaters, over the age of 10 (as of July 1st, 2014), including Masters, who have skated in at least 1 Regional Series meet (ours counts), can participate. For more information, you can read the announcement on the OSSA website. Online registration is open, along with individual or family registration forms available. Payment is due, to our club, no later than March 18th. Good luck to those who will be participating.

Provincial ‘C’ Championships

The London Speed Skating Club will be hosting the 2014-15 Provincial ‘C’ Championships on March 21st and 22nd in London, Ontario. All skaters, who have skated in at least 1 Regional Series meet (ours counts), and are under the age of 11 (as of July 1st, 2014) can participate. For more information, you can read the announcement on the OSSA website. Registration forms (individual or family) and payment are due, to our club, no later than March 11th. Good luck to those who will be participating.

Eastern Regional Meet #4 – Results

Congratulations to the 26 SLSSC members who participated in the Eastern Regional Meet #4, hosted by us! It was a great day of skating, with many new PB’s set! Check out the PB page for the full list.

Congrats to our medal winners: Andrew Chartrand 1st (Alpha), Terry Knapp 2nd (Bravo), Nolan Roney 3rd (Charlie), and Julia Wheeler 2nd (Echo)!

Congrats to Nolan Roney for joining the sub-60 Club! We are looking forward to cake!

Congrats to Porshia Reisin, Elizabeth Wheeler, Wesley Martin, Taylor Watson, Marieka Ouimette, Darlene Nelson, and Fimke Bols for participating in their 1st meet. Well done!

Here’s a breakdown on how everyone finished:

Andrew Chartrand – 1st (Alpha)
Marieka Ouimette – 6th (Alpha)
Terry Knapp – 2nd (Bravo)
Pam Knapp – 4th (Bravo)
Darlene Nelson – 5th (Bravo)
John Bols – 6th (Bravo)
Fimke Bols – 7th (Brav0)
Nolan Roney – 3rd (Charlie)
Taylor Watson – 11th (Charlie)
Cameron Mackay – 9th (Delta)
Andy Giroux – 12th (Delta)
Julia Wheeler – 2nd (Echo)
Paige Besner – 4th (Echo)
Ayrton Meier – 6th (Echo)
Andon Gill – 7th (Echo)
Annella Roney – 9th (Echo)
Aidan Chartrand – 4th (Foxtrot)
Arie Devos – 6th (Foxtrot)
Charlotte Morrison – 8th (Foxtrot)
Celia Giroux – 10th (Foxtrot)
Wesley Martin – 12th (Foxtrot)
Grant Roney – 4th (Golf)
Lukas Reisin – 7th (Golf)
Kaleb Mackay – 1st (Cradle)
Elizabeth Wheeler – 2nd (Cradle)
Porshia Reisin – 3rd (Cradle)

A special thanks to all the volunteers who helped out and made the day go so smoothly.

The Official Protocol can be viewed on the OSSA website.

Pictures to follow soon.

Attention St. Lawrence Rapids Speed Skaters and Parents!

We need your help!  We will be hosting our meet this weekend (Saturday, February 14th, 2015) and we need your help!  It requires many people and volunteers to run a meet successfully.

We still need volunteers for various positions, including assistance with the kitchen, lap counters, raffle table and other positions.  If you can spare your time this Saturday, please contact Rob Giroux, our meet coordinator, at

In addition, we are required to supply food for the officials and volunteers.  If you are able to supply any items (for example juice boxes, chili or meatballs in a crock pot, yogurt, fruit and veggie trays, granola bars, baked goods), please contact Darlene Nelson at who will be coordinating the lunch and snack items.

As well, we still require additional raffle items for our raffle table.  This is an excellent fundraiser for our club.  We would gladly accept any item for our raffle table including items that you would like to re-gift!  Please drop off tonight during the Masters/Competitive skaters practice or let Darlene know the item that you would like to donate and drop it off on Saturday morning at the meet.  Darlene can be reached at

Registration Deadline for the Brockville Meet is Tuesday

OSSALogoSmallOur short track regional meet is coming up on Saturday February 14th.  If you haven’t competed in a meet before, this is a great time to start.

Get your registration forms and money to Heather by Tuesday. 

The meet announcement is here and the registration form is here.

There will be lots of opportunity to help out at the meet as well.  Talk to Rob Giroux for more details.

See you there!

Provincial Long Track Championship – Results

Congratulations to the SLSSC skaters who braved the weather this past weekend to participate in the Provincial Long Track Championships, in Ottawa. Personal Bests were set by all who skated, with several of our members reaching the podium for their specific age classes. Congrats to Aidan VanBeek for finishing 1st overall in the 12 years old boys category. Congrats to Chloe Segal for finishing 2nd in the 14 years old category girls. Congrats to Emma Grace Wheeler for finishing 3rd in the 13 year old girls category. Congrats to Connor Taugher for finishing 3rd in the Open Men (16-49) category. All 4 skaters will be representing Team Ontario at the Canadian Championship on Feb 7-8 in Saskatoon. Good Luck!

For more information, please refer to the Protocol from the weekend and the OSSA website.


Eastern Regional Meet #4

Mark your calendars! The time has come!

The St. Lawrence Speed Skating Club (aka: us) will be hosting the Eastern Regional Meet #4 on February 14th, 2015. The information package and registration form can be downloaded from the OSSA website. Forms and payment should be remitted to Heather, no later than February 4th, 2015. Hope to see all skaters sign up for this event. If you require a seed time, please speak to your coaches.

More pictures from the Quinte Meet

Here are a couple of great pictures of some young Rapids getting ready to race at the Quinte Meet.  Click on the image for a larger version…

Eastern Regional Meet #3 – Results


13 St. Lawrence Rapids Speed Skaters competed in the East Regional #3 Meet hosted by the Quinte Blades in Belleville, this past weekend.  Three earned spots on the podium: Andrew Chartrand, 14 yrs, won gold in Alpha group (winning all five of his heats and finals), Cameron MacKay, 10 yrs, won silver in Golf group, and Ayrton Meier, 8 yrs, won bronze in Hotel group. Lots of PB’s were achieved by all skaters, and the PB’s page has been updated to reflect the new times.

Here’s how everyone finished:

Andrew Chartrand: 1st (Alpha)
Nolan Roney: 12th (Charlie)
Andy Giroux: 12th (Foxtrot)
Cameron Mackay: 2nd (Golf)
Annella Roney: 5th (Golf)
Julia Wheeler: 6th (Golf)
Ayrton Meier: 3rd (Hotel)
Andon Gill: 4th (Hotel)
Arie Devos: 7th (Hotel)
Celia Giroux: 10th (Hotel)
Lukas Reisin: 6th (India)
Grant Roney: 10th (India)
Kaleb MacKay: 11th (India)

Congratulations to Grant Roney and Andon Gill for competing in their 1st meet! Well done boys.

Congratulations to Julia Wheeler and Ayrton Meier for breaking the 1 minute mark in their 400m races! Can’t wait to taste those cupcakes!!!

Please refer to the protocol for all the individual times.