Jan 302013

Congratulations to Chloe, Connor and Nicholas!!!L to R Nick Everett, Chloe Segal and Connor Taugher

On January 26 and 27th , 2013 the Provincial long track speed skating championships were held at Brewer Park Oval in Ottawa. 3 St Lawrence Rapids Long track Speed Skaters participated in the competition. In the Age 14 male group Connor Taugher had a bronze medal placing 1st in the 100 m, 4th in the 500 m and 3rd in the 3000 m. In the Age 13 male group Nicholas Everett had a gold medal placing 2nd in the 100 m and 1st in the 500 m. In the Age 12 girls group Chloe Segal had a silver medal placing 2nd in the 100 m and the 500 m. All three skaters qualify to skate for Team Ontario for the Canadian Age Class Long Track Championships in Winnipeg, Manitoba on February 9th, 2013.

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