Eastern Regional Meet #4 – Results

Congratulations to the 26 SLSSC members who participated in the Eastern Regional Meet #4, hosted by us! It was a great day of skating, with many new PB’s set! Check out the PB page for the full list.

Congrats to our medal winners: Andrew Chartrand 1st (Alpha), Terry Knapp 2nd (Bravo), Nolan Roney 3rd (Charlie), and Julia Wheeler 2nd (Echo)!

Congrats to Nolan Roney for joining the sub-60 Club! We are looking forward to cake!

Congrats to Porshia Reisin, Elizabeth Wheeler, Wesley Martin, Taylor Watson, Marieka Ouimette, Darlene Nelson, and Fimke Bols for participating in their 1st meet. Well done!

Here’s a breakdown on how everyone finished:

Andrew Chartrand – 1st (Alpha)
Marieka Ouimette – 6th (Alpha)
Terry Knapp – 2nd (Bravo)
Pam Knapp – 4th (Bravo)
Darlene Nelson – 5th (Bravo)
John Bols – 6th (Bravo)
Fimke Bols – 7th (Brav0)
Nolan Roney – 3rd (Charlie)
Taylor Watson – 11th (Charlie)
Cameron Mackay – 9th (Delta)
Andy Giroux – 12th (Delta)
Julia Wheeler – 2nd (Echo)
Paige Besner – 4th (Echo)
Ayrton Meier – 6th (Echo)
Andon Gill – 7th (Echo)
Annella Roney – 9th (Echo)
Aidan Chartrand – 4th (Foxtrot)
Arie Devos – 6th (Foxtrot)
Charlotte Morrison – 8th (Foxtrot)
Celia Giroux – 10th (Foxtrot)
Wesley Martin – 12th (Foxtrot)
Grant Roney – 4th (Golf)
Lukas Reisin – 7th (Golf)
Kaleb Mackay – 1st (Cradle)
Elizabeth Wheeler – 2nd (Cradle)
Porshia Reisin – 3rd (Cradle)

A special thanks to all the volunteers who helped out and made the day go so smoothly.

The Official Protocol can be viewed on the OSSA website.

Pictures to follow soon.

Brrr ! Very Cold in Vermont

A few weekends back (Jan 31 – Feb 1), the second annual Lake Memphromogog Marathon races were held adjacent to the picturesque Vermont town of Newport. The local organization was granted the rights to hold the North American Marathon Championships and these attracted some 28 entries over the two distances of 25km and 50km. Saturday’s 25km started in -20C temperatures with a brutal wind on one side of the 800m oval which resulted in a wind chill of -30C. Once the race was on there were no complaints of the cold as we warmed up with a steady and robust pace. Registration included skaters from Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Vermont, NY, Connecticut, Massachusetts and one skater all the way from Berkeley, California. This race was won by Jake Maarse, a 60 year old regular on the marathon circuit, of North Gower, Ontario. Our club was represented only by yours truly but my result was somewhat disappointing due to a heavy chest cold.

The 50km race the next morning started in balmy weather of -15C but still a nasty wind that contributed to a much lower temperature. In this race Tom Keene of Boston edged out Jake for the win. For the first time in ten years I did not finish a marathon event, having run out of steam after only a third of the distance – again my excuse was the chest cold.

The ice conditions were excellent and the organizing group at Newport deserve much praise for their dedicated work. This was only their second year of ice making and they have climbed the learning curve of ice making very quickly.

A 40km skate up the lake was planned for Monday and this would have included a border crossing into Canada. However due to heavy snow conditions earlier in the week the event was cancelled, much to the disappointment of many of the skaters who were looking forward to this interesting and fun event to skate a race transitioning from one country to the next.

I encourage those in the club who are interested in distance skating on natural ice with the elements that winter has to offer to consider the Vermont events for next year. Incidentally the weekend also includes 1 and 5km events. The oval is adjacent to the East End Restaurant, the race headquarters, which offers up on the Saturday evening a wonderful buffet and some of the best draft craft beer in the northeast. Marathon skating is not about winning medals but about participating in a fun and challenging event with wonderful people (highly skilled and not so) from far and wide.

If you wish to keep abreast of what is going on in the marathon skating world refer to www.marathonskating.org.

Picture below shows the lead pack rounding the south corner of the oval with the town of Newport in the background.


11th Skate the Lake in Portland

On Saturday January 24th the 11th edition of Skate the Lake at Portland was held. This year was the best ice that I have ever experienced at this competition. Good ice but tough conditions as the usual wind on the far side was at it best (or worst). By the time the 25 and 50km events started the wind provided a brutal force with which to contend. SLSSC showed a strong presence as usual in the day’s events. Darlene Nelson,Emma Grace Wheeler and Julia Wheeler entered the 5km, Betty Hogeterp and husband Bill (former club member) entered the 10km along with ‘Gimpy Knee’ Heidi, John Bols took on the 25km and John A. had a struggle with the 50km. Four of the five Schoneville family (former club members) competed in the various event distances. However the surprise of the day was the extremely strong showing of Chloe in the 25 km who placed very high in the overall standings and took a gold in her age class. Great showing Chloe in your first ever marathon event.

2015 skate the lake

Provincial Long Track Championship – Results

Congratulations to the SLSSC skaters who braved the weather this past weekend to participate in the Provincial Long Track Championships, in Ottawa. Personal Bests were set by all who skated, with several of our members reaching the podium for their specific age classes. Congrats to Aidan VanBeek for finishing 1st overall in the 12 years old boys category. Congrats to Chloe Segal for finishing 2nd in the 14 years old category girls. Congrats to Emma Grace Wheeler for finishing 3rd in the 13 year old girls category. Congrats to Connor Taugher for finishing 3rd in the Open Men (16-49) category. All 4 skaters will be representing Team Ontario at the Canadian Championship on Feb 7-8 in Saskatoon. Good Luck!

For more information, please refer to the Protocol from the weekend and the OSSA website.


9 Medals for St Lawrence rapids Speed skating club

4 skaters participated on the weekend, at the Olympic Oval in Lake Placid, New York at the Charles Jertraw Long track speed skating competition, where they came away with 9 medals overall.

In the 14 and under category, Aidan VanBeek, 13, came away with a gold medal in the 500m, 1100 and 1800m and a silver medal in the 300m. He was also awarded the top male skater in the 14 and under category. Emma Grace Wheeler, 13, came away with 3 medals: a Bronze in the 1100 and 1800m and a silver in the 300m. Chloe Segal, 14, who skated up a level in the 15 year old division came home with Bronze medals in the 500 and 1500m. Julia Wheeler, 11, came away with personal best times in all of her races. For a full list of results, please refer to the official website.

Congrats to all 4 skaters on representing the club!

Canadian National Qualifier

Congratulations to graduated SLSSC member, Alphonse Ouimette, for competing at the Canadian National Qualifier in Montreal, a few weeks back. Alphonse had a very good weekend, finishing 7th overall, out of 52 skaters, just missing qualifying for Team Canada (top 6).

For those interested, the complete protocol from the meet is available.


Marathon Madness has Begun

The first two marathon sessions have now been completed. Just a short note for now: John A. Was the only SLSSC member to attend the opening of the season at the refrigerated oval in Ste. Foy (Nov. 29) where he had one of his best 25km skates in several years. Incredibly there were six in his age category (undisclosed) and inspite of a great run, couldn’t make the podium. Unfortunately due to car problems he couldn’t get to the rink the following day on time for the start of the one hour race. Too bad, because there was only one other in his age category which meant missing out for a podium spot.

This past weekend the Golden Skate marathons were held in Lake Placid with a 10k on Friday nite and 21 and 42k on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Friday conditions were great but Saturday was tough with soft ice and blowing snow. Sunday was cold, little wind and sunny skies with squeaky clean hard ice. The following picture shows the strong support from SLSSC.

From left to right: John A. (10, 21 and 42k), Nick E. (10k), Heidi (out of action with a bad knee), Sue Runciman, former member (10 and 21k) and John Bols (21 and 42K). This group came away with 2 gold and 2 silver placings.

More pictures from the Quinte Meet

Here are a couple of great pictures of some young Rapids getting ready to race at the Quinte Meet.  Click on the image for a larger version…

Eastern Regional Meet #3 – Results


13 St. Lawrence Rapids Speed Skaters competed in the East Regional #3 Meet hosted by the Quinte Blades in Belleville, this past weekend.  Three earned spots on the podium: Andrew Chartrand, 14 yrs, won gold in Alpha group (winning all five of his heats and finals), Cameron MacKay, 10 yrs, won silver in Golf group, and Ayrton Meier, 8 yrs, won bronze in Hotel group. Lots of PB’s were achieved by all skaters, and the PB’s page has been updated to reflect the new times.

Here’s how everyone finished:

Andrew Chartrand: 1st (Alpha)
Nolan Roney: 12th (Charlie)
Andy Giroux: 12th (Foxtrot)
Cameron Mackay: 2nd (Golf)
Annella Roney: 5th (Golf)
Julia Wheeler: 6th (Golf)
Ayrton Meier: 3rd (Hotel)
Andon Gill: 4th (Hotel)
Arie Devos: 7th (Hotel)
Celia Giroux: 10th (Hotel)
Lukas Reisin: 6th (India)
Grant Roney: 10th (India)
Kaleb MacKay: 11th (India)

Congratulations to Grant Roney and Andon Gill for competing in their 1st meet! Well done boys.

Congratulations to Julia Wheeler and Ayrton Meier for breaking the 1 minute mark in their 400m races! Can’t wait to taste those cupcakes!!!

Please refer to the protocol for all the individual times.

Provincial Series Meet #2 – Results

4  SLSSC skaters attended the Provincial Series Meet # 2 in Clarington a few weeks back, setting some new PB’s throughout the weekend. Congratulations to Alphonse Ouimette for finishing 1st overall in the Canada Winter Games Trial Meet. Good luck at the Winter Games! The full protocol can be viewed, to see his full results.

Here’s how the other skaters finished the weekend:

Emma Grace Wheeler: 8th (11-13 Female)
Chloe Segal: 6th (Open Female)
Aidan Vanbeek: 7th (11-13 Male)

The full protocol can be viewed, to see all their race results.