Skate Sharpening Clinic – Nov 14th 7:00 pm

hamelin up hamelin down

Did you know?

Speed skates are sharpened by hand!
Blades need a crisp 90 degree edge to keep you standing!
Speed Skates need sharpening every 3 weeks, or sooner, the blades are easy to dull with a mis-step or dirty ice!
Skating with no edges is no fun, and not so safe:(

The club has sharpening equipment for you to use, so come on out and learn.  Everyone had their skates sharpened at the start of the year, so it is time!

Darlene will be leading a clinic , right after practice on Nov. 14th.

It should take 30 min or so, and you kids can watch the older ones skate!

Just in time for Kingston meet 🙂

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