Participant’s Guide

The Ice Programs

Our club programs offer opportunities for both recreational and competitive participation. Our ice programs are structured to satisfy both types of participation within each of the ability levels.

The skills and activities selected will align with Speed Skating Canada’s Long Term Participant and Athlete Development Model (large pdf)l. This plan provides a progression for athlete development based on developmental age. For more information, see Speed Skating Canada’s webpage.

For the younger skaters, we will also be progressing through a pin program called On the Edge where the skaters can achieve different levels in a speed-skating based skill program.


We use racing of all sorts during practices as one means of introducing fun into the program. Additionally, there are competitions on weekends hosted by clubs in Ontario. There are competitions appropriate for first time racers (and returning racers) throughout the season, so talk to your coach if you are interested!  For more details, see the Meets page.

Code of Conduct

  • Respect yourself. Seek to make yourself a better skater, friend, athlete, competitor.
  • Respect others. Encourage others in their speed skating development.
  • Respect the club equipment and the rink. Take care of your equipment and keep the rink clean.

Practice Rules

  • Arrive on time and dressed appropriately.
  • 11 point check before stepping on the ice (Helmet, neck guard, 2 cut-resistant gloves, 2 kneepads, 2 shinpads, 2 skates, eye wear).
  • Parents and friends, please help put the mats on and off the ice.
  • Skaters, set up the mats before you start skating.
  • Respect your ice session start time. Anyone arriving late to the session must have the gate opened by an on-ice coach to allow entry to the ice. This assures a safe entry, and respects the efforts already underway by the club members on the ice.
  • Tell a coach if you are getting off the ice.
  • If a skater does not have a parent/or responsible adult at rink side, the coach must be informed.

Skate Maintenance

  • Dry your blades immediately with a towel.
  • Do not store blades in guards.
  • Dry your blades again when you get home, after they get to room temperature.
  • Don’t walk without guards – this dulls the blades.
  • Get your skates sharpened regularly (at least once/month). This must be done by hand using club equipment. Ask your coach how to get this done. Club equipment is also available for loan, so you can learn to do it yourself too.
  • Have your skates sharpened prior to a competition.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns

Jennifer Roney – Head Coach 342-8504