About Us

The St. Lawrence Speed Skating Club was formed in 2004.The Club is registered with and governed by the Ontario Speed Skating Association and Speed Skating Canada. The Club is located in Brockville, Ontario and skates at the Brockville Memorial Centre.

The St. Lawrence Speed Skating Club is funded in part by a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ministry of Culture, receives annually $100 million of government funding generated through Ontario’s charity casino initiative. The Foundation allocates grants to eligible charitable and not-for-profit organizations in the arts and culture, environment, human and social services, and sports and recreation sectors.

The club offers recreational and competitive speed skating instruction for adults and youth in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment

We will provide you with:

  • an activity for all ages
  • an activity for a lifetime
  • an activity for the whole family
  • an activity where you will meet fun and dynamic people
  • an opportunity to be part of the fastest growing winter sport in Canada
  • an opportunity to be an Olympian

Benefits of Speed Skating:

  • Speed skating is an enjoyable lifetime activity for the whole family
  • Speed skating is a great way to stay fit, develop strength, endurance and cardiovascular capacity
  • Speed skates are more efficient. With less friction plus a greater contact time to the ice surface, speed skates enable you to glide farther with each stride and therefore skate with less effort.
  • Speed skates allow for better balance and greater stability than do hockey and figure skates. This makes it easy for you to learn the technique.