Skate Maintenance

Guide for Skate Maintenance

A) Clean skates after each use by wiping with dry cloth and wrapping in Terry Cloth type of material to protect the blade edges. The skate guards that are provided by the club as part of the rental are to be used when you are walking from the dressing room to the ice surface and return to the dressing room. The skate blades should be covered with the skate booty or similar type of material for 24 hours until the moisture is drawn out of the skate blade. DO NOT STORE THE SKATES IN THE GAURDS. IF you keep the plastic skate guards on the blades while they are damp, rust will form and damage the skate blade edges.

B) Keep skates sharp.  Get your skates sharpened regularly (at least once/month). This must be done by hand using club equipment.  Ask your coach how to get this done. Club equipment is also available for loan, so you can learn to do it yourself too.  See the Skate Sharpening page for the technique.

C) If you find that the skates are very uncomfortable then consider heat molding the boots to your feet

D) Checking skate hardware: Before you put on your skates check that all nuts and bolts are tight and that there are no visible signs of deterioration.

E) Short track blades are intended for use only on indoor short tracks at practice and sanctioned competitions. Any damage to club blades when used on outdoor natural ice will be the financial responsibility of the skater.

F) Generally, please look after your skates. These skates are expensive. Treat them like they are your own.