Feb 102014

As promised, here is how everyone finished within their groups:

Nolan Roney 12th (Charlie)
Andy Giroux 5th (Echo)
Annella Roney 11th (Echo)
Julia Wheeler 14th (Echo)
Paige Besner 15th (Echo)
Aidan Chartrand 5th (Foxtrot)
Aire deVos 1st (Golf)
Kaitlin Gallant 2nd (Golf)
Celia Giroux 4th (Golf)
Lukas Reisen 5th (Golf)
Mattihas Reisen 6th (Golf)

And here are some pictures from the Kingston Meet. PB page will be updated within the next couple of days.

IMG_6269  IMG_6211 IMG_6195  IMG_6193 IMG_6177  IMG_6159

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