Eastern Meet # 5 – Results

Congratulations to the 24 skaters from St. Lawrence that competed in the Eastern Regional Meet #5 this past weekend. A fun time was had by all, with many skaters achieving new PB’s (PB page has been updated). Thanks to everyone who helped with the meet and brought food/supplies!!!! I think we served our officials, volunteers and coaches a good lunch and snacks!!

Here is how everyone finished:

Alpha Division
Bryony Shonewille – 8th
Terry Knapp – 10th
Abigael Shonewille – 11th
John Bols – 16th

Bravo Division
Andrew Chartrand – 3rd
Corinne Shonewille – 4th

Charlie Division
Aidan VanBeek – 1st
Nolan Roney – 9th

Delta Division
Cameron Mackay – 11th
Andy Giroux – 14th
Paige Besner – 15th

Echo Division
Annella Roney – 7th
Julia Wheeler – 9th
Charlotte Morrison – 11th
Aidan Chartrand – 13th

Foxtrot Division
Arie Devos – 1st
Ayron Meier – 4th
Ethan Stefaru – 5th
Aydan Stefaru – 8th
Celia Giroux – 9th
Kaitlan Gallant – 10th
Mattihas Reisen – 11th
Lukas Reisen – 12th
Ethan Mackay – 13th

Congrats to Aidan VanBeek and Arie Devos for winning Gold in their division and to Andrew Chartrand for winning Bronze in his.

Brockville meet medalists

The protocol can be found on the OSSA website.

Videos from the meet can be found on the Eastern Ontario Network website.

Pictures will be posted soon.

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