Long Track meet report from Heidi – Lake Placid

This last weekend, January 5th and 6th I attended my first Long Track competition. It was in Lake Placid and took place on the Olympic oval. There were three skaters from our club present, me, Chloe Segal and Nick Everett. For me the first day it was a real challenge for me. New style skates, different ice and wider corners, I felt like a beginner skater again and was not very comfortable or relaxed at all. The second day I tried to stop being competitive (it wasn’t working anyway as I was in a solid last place) and just try and skate and follow the rules and stay on my feet. Yes I fell on day 1. So the second day was better, my times were terrible but I at least enjoyed it.
Nick and Chloe did really well. Nick skated like a pro, beautiful form (in my eyes) or course fast. He finished the weekend with a silver medal, against some stiff competition. Chloe who was also new to long track skates picked it up very quickly and also won a silver medal in her age category. It was a fun weekend and a great change from short track and indoor skating. Now I just need to practise a bit more.
I would like to add, that as a master skater it is so nice that the younger kids and older kids (even though they are hanging around with their friends from all over) take the time to watch the master skaters race and offer support, cheering and encouragement. I have noticed this at meets, and now at short track. Thanks guy’s, it helps and yes, we need encouragement too. I don’t think this is something common to all sports, or all kids.

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