Marathon Madness has Begun

The first two marathon sessions have now been completed. Just a short note for now: John A. Was the only SLSSC member to attend the opening of the season at the refrigerated oval in Ste. Foy (Nov. 29) where he had one of his best 25km skates in several years. Incredibly there were six in his age category (undisclosed) and inspite of a great run, couldn’t make the podium. Unfortunately due to car problems he couldn’t get to the rink the following day on time for the start of the one hour race. Too bad, because there was only one other in his age category which meant missing out for a podium spot.

This past weekend the Golden Skate marathons were held in Lake Placid with a 10k on Friday nite and 21 and 42k on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Friday conditions were great but Saturday was tough with soft ice and blowing snow. Sunday was cold, little wind and sunny skies with squeaky clean hard ice. The following picture shows the strong support from SLSSC.

From left to right: John A. (10, 21 and 42k), Nick E. (10k), Heidi (out of action with a bad knee), Sue Runciman, former member (10 and 21k) and John Bols (21 and 42K). This group came away with 2 gold and 2 silver placings.

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