Rapids Make a Big Showing at Portland

Marathon Musings:

On Saturday January 26th Portland Outdoors held its 9th annual Skate the Lake event under perfect conditions. Due to very cooperative weather conditions and the dedicated event volunteers the ice conditions were the best ever for this event. Cracks were many but small and easily detected and the ice surface was as smooth as any Zambonied surface can be. A number of skating events were provided to meet the needs and abilities of the large number of skaters who attended the event.

SLSSC was overwhelmingly represented by 15 of our members comprised of 12 masters skaters and three of our competitive skaters. We had eight skaters in the field of 26 in the 10km event and they took away four gold medals in various age categories. Seven of our skaters competed in the 25km , producing a further three medals: one each of gold, silver and bronze. Two skaters took on the grueling 50km and produced a bronze and a gold.

Detailed results of the event can be viewed at marathonskating.org

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