SSSC 50th Anniversary Short Track Speed Skating Championships

January 18, 2014

Sunnycrest Rink – Syracuse, New York
Cost: $40 US/$80 Family max


Event T shirts: $15 (Performance fabric; short sleeve)

This is an Ability meet. Skaters will be divided into groups based on ability using the 500m or 333m time submitted.

Three events are scheduled for each group. Each skater will skate a heat and a final. The fastest times will place skaters in finals not finishing position in heat. Times not heat finish position determine if skater qualifies for primary, secondary, or tertiary final. The events (distances) will be suitable for the ages and skills of the skaters based on the group assignment. Nothing longer than 1000m for any division. Younger Skaters 222, 333, 500. Adults 500, 777, 1000.

Warm-ups: 10 am until 10:40 am by group; Racing begins at 11 am

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