Mar 252014

Congrats to the skaters who competed in the Provincial C Championships this past weekend. Here are the official results.

Cameron Mackay – 10th (9 year old boys)
Paige Besner – 8th (8 year old girls)
Annella Roney – 11th (8 year old girls)
Andy Giroux – 2nd (7 year old boys)
Celia Giroux – 8th (6&7 year old girls)

Note: Celia skated with 6 and 7 year old girls due to lack of skaters in these 2 groups. She finished 2nd overall in the 6 year old girls category

The official protocol can be found on the OSSA website, under the racing category.

The PB page will be updated after this weekend’s Provincial B Championship. Good luck to those who will be skating.

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