Schedule clarification

The schedule page has been updated to clarify session times – including ice flood times.

Additional notes:

  • At the discretion of the coaches, the ice may be flooded between sessions.  They will do their best to split the flood time evenly between the two sessions.
  • Skaters on the second hour should be ready to go on the ice before the scheduled end of the previous session.  This gives the coaches the opportunity to involve them in activities at the end of the first session, and ensures sure we don’t loose any time between sessions.

Here is a copy of the updated schedule.  The most up to date version is always on the schedule page.

2012 / 2013 Skating Schedule:

6:00-6:55 pm     Youth 1
6:55-7:50 pm    Youth 2/Competitive
Wednesday (Sept – Dec)                 Wednesday (Jan – Mar)
4:30-5:25 pm     Youth 2 / Masters      4:30-5:25 pm     Competitive
5:25-6:20 pm     Competitive               5:25-6:20 pm     Youth 2 / Masters
6:30-7:40 pm    Youth 1 / Youth 2
7:40-8:50 pm     Competitive/  Masters

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